H-Tec Yacht Service offers

professional yacht service from hydraulics to special yacht parts.

We are the experts for all repair and maintenance work around your ship as well as professionals in the areas of outfitting and special shipbuilding.
This includes a wide range of services that we carry out, depending on the type, in a nearby port, at our company or en route with you on board.

Below, you will find an inside view into our services. If you find that a specific yacht service is not listed, please contact us.
Thanks to our many years of cooperation with companies from a wide variety of trades and specializations, we can also realise very individual requests.

Hydraulics and automation

in the area of gangways, sliding doors and special constructions.

Hydraulic systems can now be found on almost every yacht. No wonder, because they are highly efficient. With proper installation and care, they also require little attention. Regular maintenance is nevertheless a must and, from time to time, repairs are also necessary. Both should be carried out exclusively by trained specialists, because even minimal misadjustments or contamination can have far-reaching consequences.

In addition to the supply of spare parts, our yacht service includes the professional maintenance and repair of hydraulically operated gangways, sliding doors and special constructions. Added to this, we do all other works on hydraulic systems. To this end, we remove the facilities and overhaul them from scratch. This is usually done in our workshop at the company headquarters. There, we can carry out all the necessary work under optimal conditions and thus always guarantee the best quality.


yacht service in the sector of outdoor equipment

We take care of all tasks related to the topic of equipment. This includes all works in the outfitting segment in the outdoor area of your yacht, including the organising and installation of spare parts. Does your yacht need a freshening-up, needs repairs or do you have special wishes to make your yacht even more individual? We take care of this with our yacht service. For example, we are the right contact when attachments outdoors are to be repaired, replaced or repainted. We dismantle all parts, work and revise them according to your wishes and install them again professionally. Whether the elements are railings, doors or completely different parts, does not matter: Our yacht service includes all areas of outfitting.

Project planning

One-provider yacht service

If you use our yacht service, you will receive an one-stop shop offer on request. This includes planning the schedules as well as creating cost plans. We are also take on implementation and coordination. So you can be sure that all work is carried out professionally and on time.

Special Yacht Parts

Yacht service for special designs

We cooperate with one of the leading companies from in region in the sector of special production of milled, water-jet and turned parts made of non-ferrous metals, aluminium and stainless steel. From hinges to seals, connections and more, the special yacht parts are made to meet your requirements.
As a result, each part is absolutely unique. Of course, we also take on the installation of these individual pieces as part of our yacht service.

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